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Important Note

Your supply list will indicate if you have any 'homework' such as cutting and preparation of fabric. It is important that you do your homework prior to coming to class so that you get the most out of your class.

You will find a (C) or (R) in front of the class names on the Calendar. This Indicates if the class is schedule in our Cary or Raleigh location.


Claudia Dinnell's 'Boot'itful Bouquet - via Zoom. Choose which 'Boot'itful' Bouquet you want to make

Join us as we guide you through Claudia's perfect placement. Here is what you can expect to learn: Master your embroidery machine Improve your hooping skills by doing multiple hoopings Make your embroidery look seamless Re-position designs within the hoop Marking grid for '1st stitch placement' 'Sew through a design' without thread. This a redwork type design with lacework style fills digitized by Claudia Dinnell. Hoop and grid are a requirement to create this 'Boot'itful Summer Bouquet Follow pattern instructions for cutting and marking Prep fabric with 'Terial Magic' before ironing 'Shape-Flex' on to back of fabric Saturate each separate block with Terial Magic: Squeeze out excess Terial Magic (I work in a bowl) Lay flat to let dry. Press/iron each block flat and smooth. This process is mandatory! It will help eliminate the stretch in the block. The fabric should be very stiff. Polymesh Cutaway Stabilizer: Cut the Polymesh 3” wider (on all sides) than the size of the block. Block may need two sections of the Polymesh pieced together to get the correct size: overlap those sections by 2”-3”. (Block 14” square: Polymesh 20” square) Center the (interfaced) fabric on the (pieced) Polymesh. Use adhesive spray to fuse the Polymesh to the block. The fabric should be smooth and lay flat. Each fabric block will have a 3” border of Polymesh surrounding it on all 4 sides. This extra border is important when hooping especially when the fabric is smaller than the hoop. Baste block to Polymesh Stabilizer Stitch Field: 6"x8" - Hoop sizes 6"x10", 8"x12" and 10"x14" (no magnetic hoops)

Pillow Talk by Claudia Dinnell via Zoom

Enjoy celebrating a multiple occasions and holidays with one pillow! These delightful Pillow Sleeves easily slide on and off rectangle pillow making storing them a pleasure! Words are depicted in classic subway style art. Decorate for the holidays without storing all those pillows! Pillow instructions are included or purchase a 13 X 20 or 12 X 16 rectangle pillow. Great also embroidered on aprons & tote bags! Hoop size: 5 x7, 6 x 10, and 10 x 14. Pillow Front measures 10.5 x 12.5.

Sylvia Embroidered Quilt via Zoom

It's January and we may not have snow on the ground, but this quilt has 12 unique snowflake blocks. Karen will be providing the blocks with quilting included. Your choice to add the back as we go, or not. Minimum hoop size 9.5"x9.5". Finished quilt size is 56" x 70" Please DO NOT cut fabric before class Pattern and fabric requirements can be purchased here

Feb 2
Pillow Talk by Claudia Dinnell via Zoom
Feb 4
Sylvia Embroidered Quilt via Zoom
Feb 18
Sylvia Embroidered Quilt via Zoom