Important Note

Your supply list will indicate if you have any 'homework' such as cutting and preparation of fabric. It is important that you do your homework prior to coming to class so that you get the most out of your class.

You will find a (C) or (R) in front of the class names on the Calendar. This Indicates if the class is schedule in our Cary or Raleigh location.


(C) KimberBell

Choose to attend either the Friday or Saturday class. This will be a lecture based instructional class. We will walk you through all the steps to create a beautiful project. You will get your files and instructions on the USB drive you must bring to class. We will have an optional kit available for purchase. Remember those paint by number coloring pictures you may have done as a child? All you had to do was follow the directions, coloring or painting each shape a specific color, and before you knew it, you created a fun mystery picture! The piecing projects you’ll find in such projects like the “Machine Embroider by Number™” or zipper pouches, works the same way, but with fabric piecing on the embroidery machine—and we promise it’s still just as easy! Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of steps in each design. They are each small steps that are easy to follow along. We will review each step with you and you will have full color instructions to follow at home. And although there are a number of color changes in the design, that is only meant to “tell the machine to stop” between steps. Usually only 1 or 2 thread changes are needed. If you lose track of which step you are on, your step by step directions include an icon indicating which step from the embroidery design corresponds with that specific step in the directions. May: Join us for this ever so cute home wall hanging that can can a delicate table stand

May 5
(C) KimberBell
May 9
ASG Meeting - Cary Day Group
May 10
(C) Claudia Dinnell's 'Boot'itful Bouquet. Chhose which 'Boot'itful' Bouquet you want to make