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Basic E-Line Club/Embroidery Supplies

Sewing Machine with Embroidery module and embroidery foot
Power cord
Foot pedal
Machine accessories
USB or way of getting designs onto sewing machine
Hoops and Templates (5x7 and/or 4x4)
Blue & Yellow screwdrivers (optional - personal preference)
New embroidery needles - Titanium 80/12
Empty bobbins
Bobbin thread
Embroidery thread (basic colors plus project specific colors)
Sewing thread (basic colors plus project specific colors)
Applique scissors
Small scissors for snipping thread while in hoop
Regular scissors
Marking tool (air or friction erasable, chalk)
Ruler to draw lines in hoop
KK2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive
Painter's Tape or temporary fabric glue
Seam ripper
Pen and paper
Rotary Cutter (optional based on project)
Cutting Mat (optional based on project)
*Check for any additional special project requirements