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(C) Tabatha

The Tabatha designs are as delicate as their name implies. Join Karen over a period of 4 classes, as she walks you through stitching out this beautiful wall hanging which you could enlarge.

There are 20 blocks in total and your class fee includes the price of the software.

The files we provide you will include quilting that is as delicate as the Tabatha designs.  The designs require a hoop size that accommodates an 9” square design.

In each class, we will provide you the files needed to complete your homework between classes. The choice is yours, bring your machine to class (There will be time to create at least 1 block in class.) or come to class for instructions along with show and tell and pick up your files needed to complete your homework.

You need to have a hoop that will that will accommodate an 9” design.

Must have at lease a 9.5" x 9.5" hoop. Please DO NOT cut fabric before class.

Download this PDF that will give you supply information

Skill Details:
All Levels
Materials Included:
Cost of class includes software
Hoop that accommodates an 9" design

(C) Tabatha

$ 100.00
Buy all 4 classes together for $100.00 or $30 per class