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(C) Log Cabin - Traditional or In the Round

The Log Cabin quilt block is perhaps the most well-known, best loved of all quilt designs. Simple enough for a beginner quilter to confidently stitch... ...yet versatile enough to pique the interest of a more experienced quilter.

This beautiful quilt will create a cozy feeling in your bedroom, to cuddle under on the couch or have a picnic on.

The basic structure of this quilt block is a center shape surrounded by strips, or 'logs'. In our example, we will be using 3 ‘logs’ on each side of the center.

The Log Cabin in the Round combines multiple width ‘logs’ or you can elect to construct a more traditional same size ‘logs’

Your choice will be for 1 Day class  (10-3) and a split 2 day class (10-1). The Saturday classes, 1st one will instruct you on the construction of the blocks and then you will do your homework and come back for the 2nd class for the construction of the quilt.

You have another choice, make a traditional log cabin or a log cabin in the round.

Fabric requirements here. Please bring a 6"x24" ruler, a cutting board and  a rotary cutter to class.
Please bring 6"x24" ruler, cutting board and cutter

(C) Log Cabin - Traditional or In the Round

$ 50.00